How Our Company Will Benefit Yours

CAHEC Management, Inc.’s mission is to provide customized property management services that exceed the expectations of our owners, residents, and communities. Our portfolio is a perfect reflection of that mission. We currently manage over 350 high-quality affordable housing communities in the Southeast, including both urban and rural developments, LIHTC developments, and HUD developments. We are the largest managers of Rural Development financed properties in the United States and our team has managed 180+ successful RD preservation transactions.  At CAHEC Management, Inc., our expertise allows us to assume management and ownership responsibilities of troubled communities and consistently convert them into successful operations. Our management services add significant value to our client's portfolios.

Why CAHEC Management, Inc.?

When you partner with CAHEC Management, Inc., you’ll receive customized property management services. We successfully manage over 350 high-quality affordable housing communities by:

  • Focusing on collection of maximum rent potential to capitalize owner portfolios
  • Maintaining and training responsive community staff
  • Encouraging strong vendor relationships for the most beneficial pricing and expedited delivery
  • Marketing communities for low turnover and high occupancy rates
  • Enhancing required services for resident satisfaction

When you partner with CAHEC Management, Inc., you also gain our wealth of industry knowledge and certifications. We consistently exceed the expectations of our owners and clients through exceptional coaching and training of our staff by:

  • Providing up-to-date training and licensing as per industry standards
  • Presenting accurate and timely reporting for transparency and compliance
  • Maintaining an unblemished compliance record and never received an uncorrected 8823
  • Utilizing up-to-date technology resources to help ensure compliance with federal, state and local agencies, as well as investors and lenders

Our services include access to our in-house accessibility team, state of the art software packages, full service compliance department plus third party oversight of federal program compliance, insurance expertise and placement services, and purchasing power based on 35+ year vendor relationships.


2024 NAHMA 25 largest Rural Development Program Community Management Communities


Affordable, multi-family housing units managed in AL, GA, NC and SC.


2024 NAHMA LIHTC Community Management Companies

$1 Billion

Fair market value of assets under management.

Managed Programs

  • USDA, RD515, 538
  • HOME
  • Tax Exempt Bond
  • HUD S8 Voucher
  • HUD 811
  • NHTF

Our Professional Credentials

  • CPM® / CPO
  • NCP
  • RD 515 S.T.A.R. (Spectrum)
  • AHM (Quadel)